Mapping the Immune Response in Complex Disorders

Armin Alaedini Lab; a Proteomics & Immunology Laboratory

Our laboratory uses a multidisciplinary approach that includes proteomics, immunology, biochemistry, and molecular biology to decipher complex disorders through molecular profiling of patients’ immune responses. We are focused on conducting translational research aimed at identifying novel diagnostic biomarkers, understanding disease mechanism, and finding therapeutic targets.

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Recent NewsDr. Armin Alaedini in Popular Mechanics

-The May 2017 issue of Popular Mechanics features research done in the Alaedini laboratory.

-Dr. Armin Alaedini is named the 2016-17 Tsunoda Senior Fellow for collaborative studies with Waseda University in Japan on the combinatory effects of gut microbiota and dietary molecules on intestinal barrier function.

-Our recent study, published in the journal Gut, reaches the top 0.01% of all research articles in the Altmetric Attention Score, while becoming the #1 article among all publications from Gut.

-Mary Ajamian, lab manager and former graduate student, is awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for research at Monash University in Australia.